7 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up On Your Dreams.

  1. Financial rewards. To achieve small things, dream small; to achieve great things, dream big.  Almost every great accomplishment—past or present—began as a dream.When you meet someone poor, you may ask them, “Why?”  But, the better question to ask is: “What is your dream?”  For, it is from them that we draw poverty or prosperity.  Giving up on your dreams, therefore, is giving up on your financial rewards, whereas continuously pursuing them is continuously pursuing prosperity.
  2. Self-actualization. No matter how much money and fame you acquire, you will never be happy until you experience self-fulfillment.  We come into this world for a purpose, and until it is realized, we will never feel whole, always feeling incomplete.  To live your best life, therefore, persevere in the pursuit of your dreams.
  3. Better the world. The world is incomplete without you.  Something is missing which only you can bring.  You were born at this particular time for a particular purpose.  If you give up on your dreams, you give up on the world; but, if you press on, you will inevitably achieve your dreams, your unique contributions making the world a better place.Inspire others. When you persevere in the pursuit of your dreams, you inspire those who watch you wrestle and overcome obstacles.  Inspiration is the catalyst for all great achievements.  To better the world, you have to better men, and to better men, you have to inspire them.
  4. Develop inner strength. When chasing your dreams, it is inevitable that you will carry fear, doubt, and despair, along with a myriad of other things you shouldn’t carry.  This consequently trains your mind’s muscles, your heart’s muscles, and your soul’s muscles, consciously or subconsciously.  Life only rewards you in proportion to what you are able to carry.
  5. When you reach a ripe old age, if you are wise, you will ask yourself: “What am I leaving behind that says ‘I was here?’  Have I made my mark on the world?”  You will inevitably wonder if your descendants will remember you—if your name will live on.
  6. The greatest way to ensure it never dies in the hearts and minds of people is to never give up on your dreams.  Would we remember the pharaohs of old if they had not completed the pyramids?  Or the scribes of old if they had not completed their masterpieces?Never give in to the temptation of giving up on your dreams.  Set the bar high for posterity.  Your legacy, in terms of achievements, is the greater inheritance you can pass down to your children and your children’s children; worth more than any silver or gold.
  1. Silence your haters. When pursuing your dreams, there will be those cheering you on, those sabotaging you, and those who are not concerned whether you succeed or fail.  In light of this, keep chasing your dreams until you achieve them.  The best and only solution is to keep pressing on.  Critics are loud, but success is louder.


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