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86 Million Nigerians have No Insurance Cover – The Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria

As reported in THE PUNCH newspapers; Nov. 16, 2014.



It is common knowledge that insurance is a topic which most people rarely think about or if they do, rarely for more than a few fleeting moments.

The reason for this seeming apathy towards insurance by so manypeople, is due to what I like to define as the ‘historical perspective’.

The historical perspective is why it is so common to hear comments such as

my father told me the story of how many years ago, he took out an insurance policy, but when it matured he was not adequately paid”


For others, a major reason for their disinterest towards insurance comes from rumors heard from family, friends and acquaintances.

‘Mr/Mrs X had an insurance claim under an insurance policy yet the insurance company refused to pay or paid far less than was expected.’


Most of these people who display such a lack of interest in insurance may never have bought an insurance policy before. This is not to say that there are no persons who have genuinely had negative experiences with their insurers.

However, the undeniable truth is that insurance is the most effective mechanism for protecting human and material assets, planning adequately for future certain expenditure as well as providing much needed peace of mind for individuals and organisations.


We have a burning desire to highlight and inform you about the best and most cost effective insurance policies to protect your valuable human and material assets. We shall deeply appreciate your comments, feedback, recommendation, questions – basically anything you have to say! We are eager to hear from you!

Finally, it is worthy of mention that Nigeria has a very robust and vibrant insurance industry which promptly responds to and pays claims for losses contrary to what some continue to assume.


We welcome you warmly.





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